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99 Seafood Restaurant

Our JL99 Restaurant (Restoran Makanan Laut 99) started its operation on 1st April 2022. JL99 Group is a property developer in Kuala Lumpur and JL99 Restaurant is a subsidiary and diversified business under J99 Group.

JL99 Restaurant is serving a wide range of Chinese delicacies at reasonable prices to satisfy your hunger and delight your taste buds. A variety of live seafood such as Australian Lobster, Alaska King Crab, Abalone, Geoduck, Oyster, Live Prawn, Razor Clam, Live King Prawn, Grouper, Soon Hock, Siakap, Snapper, Squid, Shark fin and many more which can swim can be found here. Apart from live seafood, we are also offering a variety of poultry such as chicken, venison, beef, duck, vegetables and bean curd…etc.

After you dine in at our restaurant, you may also visit to our 99 Wonderland Park Wildlife In The City which is a unique recreational landmark in KL just located beside our 99 Seafood Restaurant. You can buy the entrance ticket at our Restaurant. 99 Wonderland Park being a recreational park is suitable for your family, your kids and even for the loving couple to have a romantic date here.

99 Wonderland Park Wildlife In The City is the first recreational park in KL featuring LED Lights and rare animals or birds with its beautiful landscape. We have a lot of attractions such as 99 Eiffel Tower, 99 Panda Street, 99 Musical Dancing Fountain, which has been awarded The Biggest Musical Dancing Fountain by The Malaysia Book Of Records in the year 2021. Furthermore, our park also received another 3 awards from The Malaysia Book Of Records 2021 for “The First Tapir Jacuzzi”, “The First Caracal In Captivity” & “The First African Civet In Captivity”. Besides, there are a lot of amusement rides such as 99 Ferris Wheel, 99 Madagascar Carousel, 99 Cruise Ride, 99 Paddle Boat, 99 Train Ride and etc. society. Since 2015, JL99 Group has allocated more than RM60 million to turn the derelict retention pond into a 23 acre recreational park.


99 Wonderland Park Wildlife
In The City

99 Wonderland Park is a unique Recreational Landmark in KL owned by JL99 Group, a remarkable Malaysia property developer who believes in giving back to the society. Since 2015, JL99 Group has allocated more than RM46 million to turn the derelict retention pond into a 23 acres unique recreational park.

99 Wonderland Park includes a fun area similar to “Jurassic Park”, two Tyrannosaurus with a height of 3.5 meters will be magnificently placed, enabling the park lovers to reminisce about the movie “Jurassic Park”. This area will undeniably be the main highlight for kids.

A designated area for 12 zodiac signs, a mesmerizing golden fountain and many other spots that would make your time spent here unforgettable.

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